Neuromusicology, Lego UI, and Cissy Strut tips

A few green ones

I’ve been at half strength or less this week, but I didn’t want to leave you all empty handed. Here are three raw, unprocessed bananas to hold you over.

Perceptions of musical octaves are learned, not hard-wired. “Neuroscience has offered few concrete ideas about how octave equivalence might operate in the brain, but the physical basis for octaves made it seem credible to many researchers that our perception of them might be hard-wired into the auditory cortex. Results from the Tsimané, however, indicate that this system may develop differently based on cultural experience, suggesting that the brain’s auditory processing system is more malleable than expected.”

An illuminating discussion and explanation of instrument cluster interface considerations, via the full set of lego interface panels.

Photo and article by George Cave.

You’re playing the Cissy Strut bass line wrong. (warning: link to facebook, but you shouldn’t need an account to watch the video) In this video The Meters bassist George Porter Jr. delivers a three minute master class on what everyone gets wrong when playing one of the greatest instrumentals of all time. I also learned in looking this up that lead guitar Leo Nocentelli composed Cissy Strut as entrance music for the band.

Those are the three bananas I grabbed for you this week. They’ll yellow up nicely if you let them. You can hit “reply” and it’ll go only to me. Thank you.

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