The Quebec Simpsons and fore-edge painting

Work, magnetosense, and character

Missing Alien War, exploding books, a reverse payment model

Cootie Catchers, Hair Metal, and GPS

The rhythms of speech, chance encounters, and The Luminaries

Debbie Harry and Mr. Trash Wheel

VHS Girl and the KFC Kimono

Frankenstein Tomarken and TOS Fails

A Robocall from the Brand Graveyard and the Cowculator

Taking Toy Liberties and Remembering a Hitmaker

Booker T and a Cursor Oasis

Snail Urine and the Kleroterion

The Beach Offering, Whale Truths, and Malls

Meme Sleuthing and a Book on Books

Tall Boys and Mumbai Corn Specialists

Advice from Ichiro and 30,000 feet of bs

Soderbergh on Miller, and the role of music video directors

Bananas to marvel at

The seed and the sword

Big challenges and making art babies


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